A Novel Active Splitting Strategy Search Method with Modularity-based Network Partition


Splitting control is the last defence of power system emergency control against severe disturbance. With system-level and real-time decision mode, active splitting control shows advantages over traditional splitting control. Unfortunately, searching for splitting section is a NP hard problem. In this paper, a novel active splitting strategy search method inspired by modularity-based network partition method is proposed. The weighted graph model of power system is established based on both electrical distance and power flow state. An aggregation splitting strategy search method is designed based on a comprehensive evaluation index. The proposed index collects network modularity, power balance constraints, synchronization separation constraints and island connectivity so that it is able to reflect the reasonability of system partition comprehensively. Simulation in IEEE-68 system shows that the proposed method is able to find a splitting strategy quickly and effectively, and finally control the system collapse.

2015 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies - Asia