Physics-Informed, Safety and Stability Certified Neural Control for Uncertain Networked Microgrids
Scalable and Lightweight Distributed Local Routing for Quantum Network-Based Microgrids
Learning-Based, Safety and Stability-Certified Microgrid Control
Noise-Resilient Quantum Power Flow
Quantum Microgrid State Estimation
Novel Resolution of Unit Commitment Problems through Quantum Surrogate Lagrangian Relaxation
Quantum Renewable Scenario Generation
Neural Electromagnetic Transients Program
Quantum Computing in Power Systems
Noise-Resilient Quantum Machine Learning for Stability Assessment of Power Systems
Noisy-Intermediate-Scale Quantum Electromagnetic Transients Program
Distributed Networked Microgrids Power Flow
Neuro-Reachability of Networked Microgrids
Quantum Power Flow
Reachable Power Flow: Theory to Practice
Reachable Dynamics of Networked Microgrids with Large Disturbances
Quantum Electromagnetic Transients Program
Wind power forecasting errors modelling approach considering temporal and spatial dependence
Reachable Eigenanalysis
Reachable Power Flow
An ODE-Enabled Distributed Transient Stability Analysis for Networked Microgrids
Integrated Power and Heat Dispatch Considering Available Reserve of Combined Heat and Power Units
Active Splitting Strategy Searching Approach based on MISOCP with Consideration of Power Island Stability
Deep belief network based nonlinear representation learning for transient stability assessment
A Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection Method for Wind Farm Power Data Preprocessing
Modeling and Optimization of Multitype Power Sources Stochastic Unit Commitment Using Interval Number Programming
MILP-based Splitting Strategy Searching Considering Island Connectivity and Voltage Stability Margin
A Novel Active Splitting Strategy Search Method with Modularity-based Network Partition
Coherency Feature Extraction based on DFT-based Continuous Wavelet Transform